> On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 04:14:26 -0400 Kamaze <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> >Mhm,... well,... i have the most tracks in mp3.
> >Sure, i can easiely convert them to ogg, that would be no problem.
> >But i think the most have MP3 files so i think we should leave it
> >for
> >the first or make it optional for compile time.
> >
> >- Regards, Kamaze
> >
> >Giel van Schijndel schrieb:
> >> How about removing MP3 support?
> >>
> >> I personally think we might as well do this since the only code
> >that
> >> uses MP3 stuff is the playlist code. Also this code isn't used
> >all that
> >> heavily and people can always still use OggVorbis for their
> >playlists.
> >>
> >> Apart from that we'd have the added advantage of having one
> >building
> >> dependency less: libmad
> >>
> >> I have a patch at the ready for removing this, all I have to do
> >is
> >> commit it. So just tell me if you don't like this idea,
> >otherwise I'll
> >> just throw the MP3 support out the window.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> I also have lots of mp3 files.  Converting them all then no work on
> mp3 player.    I no see why we remove mp3 support, it don't use
> much code.  You can makes it compile line option for linux if want
> like Kamaze said.

The real problem is libmad.  Oddly enough, libmad and libjpeg are the
only two that gave me any real troubles in creating an Xcode project
to build Warzone plus all our external dependencies as a universal

I'm going to wait to see what ends up happening with both libjpeg and
libmad before I continue the Xcode work, but the good news is that
right now that's all I'm really waiting on - the rest of it so far
seems to build just fine.


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