Kamaze schreef:
> Freddie Witherden schrieb:
>> JSON does not make a lot of sense for the stats; one of the advantages to
>> SQL is that it can be easily queried. Storing the stats in a JSON file
>> would simplify the parsing (compared to what we have now) but that is about
>> it. We would still need to convert the stats into our own internal
>> array-like format.
> Then maybe XML (yes, they are bloated) using XPath to query the 
> information? Implementing a database engine just to load some stats 
> looks for me like breaking a butterfly on a wheel.

Well, we're using SQLite, so we're not implementing a database engine
(as it's provided already), and secondly using XML + XPath seems to me
like a _much_, _much_ more complicated task than using SQLite.


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