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> On 6/12/08, Angus Lees <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> The patch I sent some time ago supported both .ogg and .rpl formats, again
>> my intention being allowing those few people with the original game to use
>> their .rpls (or something) and the rest of us can use .oggs.  And the code
>> is structured to allow other formats if something better turns up.
> I didn't see your patch on the tracker @ GNA, or maybe I am blind?
> The current ones are from Gerard, and one supports lua which is
> https://gna.org/patch/?908 and the other one is patch #885.
> I currently updated #885 for trunk, but it still has some issues.
> I would like to check out your ogg playback code, and see if it works better.

I think he means the patch attached to this mailing list thread [1].

[1] https://mail.gna.org/public/warzone-dev/2007-04/msg00245.html


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