Am Dienstag, 23. September 2008 12:00:18 schrieb Freddie Witherden:
> Hi Dennis,
Hello Fred and the rest of the Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project!

> On 23 Sep 2008, at 08:28, Dennis Schridde wrote:
> > Am Dienstag, 23. September 2008 06:08:37 schrieb bugs buggy:
> >> I was thinking it might be a good time to either split the
> >> repository into
> >> dedicated sections, or have multiple repositories.
> >
> > Can someone state the pros and cons for that? (esp. the pros...)
> > What led to
> > that idea?
> Easier for distributors/packagers (separate packages). We are not all
> forced to re-download ~20MiB of images when someone decides to re-
> compress the tiles/textures.
One idea I just got:

We had that "issue" with originals and works-in-game data.
Maybe use different repositories for those?
data, data-for-game, game?
The data-for-game repos could be autogenerated from the data repository 
regularly. (Cronjob, buildbot, ...)
So data-creators would work on the "originals" in the data repository, and 
would not have to care about converting every piece themselves. We also would 
not require everyone to regenerate the for-game data themselves, since they 
can use the data-for-game repos if they want. That repos would also be what we 
finaly create the releases from.

> >> One should be only used for source, and the other only for data.
> >>
> >> The question remains, do we stick with GNA, even though they still
> >> are
> >> having some issue?
> >
> > What issues do they have? I was told by non-Gna-members that the SVN
> > server
> > had been replaced? (Sadly my communications with the project itself
> > can
> > somehow not be established... :( )
> It works fine for me.
> >> Is having multiple repositories allowed on GNA?
> >
> > I would have to investigate whether multiple repositories for one
> > project are
> > possible via Savana. But having multiple projects for one thing on
> > Gna is
> > afaik not an issue (this is not an official statement, will have to
> > ask for
> > that, too :P ). I am building this view on the statement "Large
> > software
> > distributions are not allowed; they should be split into separate
> > projects."
> > as found on
> Thanks, would really appreciate it if you could.
I am currently trying to somehow connect with the rest of the team, but it 
seems the mailinglists are all moderated (or malfunctioning) so it might take 
a few days...

> > To bring this up again: Why exactly can we not host our repository on
> > That sounds like the most effective and simple solution
> > to me...
> > (In case we move away from Gna for whatever reason...)
> > We'd lack the project management functions as found in Savana, but
> > then we are
> > not that many people and adding a new SVN access every few months
> > doesn't
> > sound too bothersome. Permission to do that can even be handed out
> > to other
> > project members, so our admin (*waves to Kamaze*) does not have to
> > be bothered
> > with it.
> What if Kamaze gets hit by a bus?
Shared root access?

> Or goes nuts and rm -rf's everything?
I know already 3 mirrors of the SVN tree (Giel, me, Launchpad).
I also mirror the download area on Gna (to prevent issues like the rm-rf-hack 
which hit us last time).
We can do the same for the website and databases, I think.
Something I forgot?


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