2009/3/4 Dennis Schridde <devuran...@gmx.net>:
> As an additional note: Ubuntu apparently just managed to sync with their
> upstream and is therefore just as up-to-date as Debian again. Wow. :)

Well, to be exact, they've acknowledged the bug, which means they'll
probably sync sometime in the near future.

They're currently still at:

Jaunty  (2.1.0-1): universe/games
Intrepid (2.1.0~1.beta4-2): universe/games
Hardy (2.1.0~0.svn3595.dfsg.1-1): universe/games
Gutsy (2.1.0~0.svn1436-1): universe/games

The relevant bug:
Which was filed after I prodded them in #ubuntu-motu


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