2009/3/4 Zarel <zare...@gmail.com>:
> 2009/3/4 Dennis Schridde <devuran...@gmx.net>:
>> As an additional note: Ubuntu apparently just managed to sync with their
>> upstream and is therefore just as up-to-date as Debian again. Wow. :)
> Well, to be exact, they've acknowledged the bug, which means they'll
> probably sync sometime in the near future.

Just kidding. They're not going to sync intrepid. Apparently, once an
Ubuntu version has been released, only "critical bugfixes" and
"security patches" are allowed. 2.1-beta4 -> 2.1.1 just doesn't fix
critical enough bugs to qualify. :(

I can try to convince them the 6-player limit is a big enough bug to
justify 2.1.2...


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