#770: Sound patch which should vastly help our sound issues.
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Comment(by Buginator):

 Replying to [comment:3 cybersphinx]:
 > Had a look at soundPatchNSM2.patch - you have some distracting
 whitespace changes in that. In sound_SetObjectPosition you could do "if
 (!psSample) return;" to prevent some of that. The changes in
 track.h/tracklib.h seem completely unnecessary.
 > Then in some places you add "f" to float constants, but in other places
 you add them without "f". And is a comparison to 0.0 really useful (since
 floats can have some precision problems)? Especially when you test for the
 volume to not play samples, a very small value like 0.00001 seems better
 to me.

 For the whiespace changes, most of the patch is from a bigger patch, and I
 didn't have time to fix everything correctly.

 For the lack of "f" on floating point stuff, I just forgot.  As for the
 0.0f vs 0.00001f not really sure there would be much of a difference

 Uploading a newer version.

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