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> Because there is nothing wrong with it?
> Seriously, when we do a new release, whatever the release is, then we
> want people to get the new release.  The old versions go in the
> unsupported bin as far as I am concerned.

A "Coming soon!" message is not a new release. The old versions can't
go in the unsupported bin before the new version is released.

> We don't have the manpower to handle everything...

We have the manpower to release a new version before we remove the old
version from the download page.

> I don't understand what the issue is.... time is short.
> I do as much as I can in the little amount of free time I have.
> I have no idea when or even if any other builds except the ones I make
> will (ever) be released.

So? Let the rest of us handle it.

> I have no clue if any of the other devs can or will do anything from
> the period I am off, to the period I get back.  I don't know my
> schedule in advance, so that could be a few days or weeks or more.

That's no reason to handle a release so haphazardly. If you can't do a
release well, just do the first half and let us clean up and do the
release announcements, don't do it yourself poorly!

> That is why, as soon as I finish the uploads, I throw them up, and
> have the "Coming soon!" tag for the missing versions.
> If I could make all builds I would, but unless Jobs sends me a mac,
> that isn't going to happen.

I told you, there are two superior options here:

1. Don't throw them up at all (and don't announce them). We can do
that when we have the builds.

2. Leave the old version there, so people can download them.

All I ask is that you do one of those (preferably the first). I
believe we are in consensus that the first is the best option here.
What is your objection to that?

> When another dev can make the build they just edit the page... that
> isn't asking too much, and I am sure users understand that "Coming
> soon!" means just that... whenever someone has time to make it, they
> will.

There is no reason why a user should ever have to wait, if a version
already exists. On the other hand, having "coming soon" appear on the
Download page is a good way to turn away new users forever. If you
find a new game online, but the download page just says "Coming
soon!", you're going to leave and probably forget about it.

But that really distracts from the main point, which is that there's
NO REASON why the user should see that message in the first place,
instead of a download for the game they came to download.


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