Thanks for the reply Bret. I hadn't installed Firewatir yet and it
seems commonwatir is only installed with that, not with Safariwatir.
However, after installing both, the methods do work, but at least in
irb, even after setting Watir::Browser.default = "safari', continues to launch Firefox?

On Feb 9, 8:37 pm, Bret Pettichord <> wrote:
> John Kolokotronis wrote:
> > The wiki also still mentions that Mac installation is done with:
> > sudo gem update --system
> > sudo gem install firewatir
> > sudo gem install safariwatir
> > But that doesn't give you common Watir methods, like
> > - so in that context, how do you use
> > "Watir::Browser.default = 'safari'"?
> If you are not getting these methods in this scenario, that is a bug. Is
> that really what is happening?
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