With respect to XPath, the best I have been able to Google so far is
this document:
which suggests that XPath in Watir is supported _except_ for FRAMES?
Is this still the case?


2009/3/17 Mark Lehky <mark.le...@aclaro.com>:
> For anyone following this thread:
> Yes, you can traverse the frames as I indicated below, and it works! :D
> Now, can I do the same using XPath ...
> 2009/3/17 Mark Lehky <mark.le...@aclaro.com>:
>> I think the answer is somewhere in your suggestion.
>> The element(s) that I am looking for is quite deep in several nested
>> Is there a way in Watir/Ruby to say "in any frame, no matter how deep"?
>> If not, how do I traverse them? Can I do something like:
>> ie = Watir::IE.new
>> frame1 = ie.frame(:id, "contentFrame")
>> frame2 = frame1.frame(:id, "frameTop")
>> ...etc.
>> Thank You all for the help so far.

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