Release notes ( from
1.5.6 to 1.6.2 doesn't seem to mention anything regarding wait method
or wait logics.

I also diffed methods click, click!, click_no_wait, fire_event and
wait from 1.5.6 and 1.6.2 and they were exactly the same (one
difference existed though, 1.6.2 had one additional rescue
NoMethodError, but since I didn't get these errors with 1.5.6 then
it's not the culprit).

Any other ideas what change might be causing the problem?


On Apr 3, 6:40 pm, Bret Pettichord <> wrote:
> My guess is that Watir1.6.2is faster. You can check the release notes,
> but I think there are several improvements to the wait logic.
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> Bret Pettichord
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> Lead Developer, Watir,
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