This was interesting to watch..  was there audio? I didn't hear any.

I think it would be more informative to see a presentation of what you
currently have.

Also since there are other existing frameworks such as Cucumber that
allow you to use DSL to define the tests, I think before taking the
step to release this to opensource (presuming of course that the
people who paid you to do the work in the first place are OK with
that) you might want to consider asking yourself a few questions.

1) what unique benefits or capabilities does my framework offer that
the others do not?  and vice versa  (you'll get a lot of questiosn
about that, might as well figure out the answers now)
2) In terms of future improvements, do many of the things I'd like to
add to my framework exist in other frameworks already? (e.g. would you
be spending a lot of time developing your own version of stuff that
already exists elsewhere?)
3) Would I be better off to join with an existing effort and help
enhance it (perhaps using some of my existing code) to provide the
capabilities I need within that tool?

>From the perspective of an outside user,  having more choices of
framworks is good, until I have to choose between two frameworks where
each one has 'some' of the things I want, and none of them have 'all'
of the things I want. That's when I find myself wishing that the
developers of those things had worked together instead of apart.

On Apr 9, 10:44 am, "Ruf, Wadud" <> wrote:
> Thanks Brett,
> Looking at the video again it is quite dated, I need to get some up to date
> material on there. The main principle is simplicity over power. Once I have
> better material to upload I will post a link.
> Wadud
> ________________________________
> From: on behalf of Bret Pettichord
> Sent: Thu 09/04/2009 16:49
> To:
> Subject: [wtr-general] Re: WATiR DSL I have been using
> Thanks for sharing your work. I found it to be very interesting.
> Bret
> Ruf, Wadud wrote:
> > Hi
> > Over the last few months I have been using WATiR to test a web
> > application we have been developing. As a noob to both Ruby and WATiR
> > (myself and the rest of the project team), I have to say we have found
> > WATiR to have a very shallow learning curve.
> > To aide non-developers, and to increase our productivity I created an
> > internal domain specific language on top of WATiR, I call it WSL
> > (WATiR Scripting Language). This has proved to be a very positive step
> > increasing our productivity and lowering the barrier to using it.
> > I have a short screencast of an internal demo I gave on how I arrived
> > at WSL, and how to use it. This is from the perpective of a complete
> > novice to Ruby/WATiR available here -<>
> . The demo is a
> > few months old and WSL has evolved a bit more since then.
> > I would like the WATiR community's feedback on this, as I would like
> > to open-source this, and would make the move sooner rather than later
> > if there is sufficient interest!
> > Thanks
> > Wadud
> > PS. The video may take a few seconds/minutes to start playing
> > depending on your connection speed.
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