Are using /#{value}/ syntax for regular expression?

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 1:29 AM, Prince3105 <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am a newbie to Watir and Ruby. I  use below function for login
> process. As per user's Role Rights the user can navigate to the
> permitted pages.  Initially user has to click the main menu, like
> admin, master, operation... clicking on the main menu will show
> allotted pages names dynamically in OnMouseOver.  then he can click
> the page name and navigate to the particular page.
> Code
>  def login(user_id, password, module_table_id, module_name,
> page_table_id, page_name)
>    @ie =
>    @ie.goto $url
>    @ie.maximize
>    @ie.bring_to_front
>    @ie.text_field(:id,"txtUserName").set user_id
>    @ie.text_field(:id,"txtPassword").set password
>    @ie.button(:id,"btnSubmit").click
>    @ie.table(:id,module_table_id).cell(:text,module_name).fire_event
> ("onMouseOver")
>    @ie.table(:id,page_table_id).cell(:text,page_name).click
>   end
> On the above code "module_table_id" and "page_table_id" will be
> changed as per user. I want to modify the function as simple and
> reusable. I need it like below.
> def login(user_id, password,module_name, page_name)
>  #code
> end
> I used Regular expression in table id but watir failed to identify the
> table. so i want to iterate all available tables and check all
> available cells finally click the page name cell. So Experts please
> throw some light on my request.
> Thanks,
> Prince3105.
> >

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