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Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 2:20 PM
Subject: [wtr-general] Watir 1.6.5 is released


Hi all, 

  We've done a lot of work for bug fixes and integration with Firefox to
make it more conformant to the Watir unit tests. There has been a
burgeoning of contributions for this release as compared to previous
releases, part of that due to our move to github, and another part due
to cleaning up and adding Firefox as a first class cititzen. It's been a
lot of fun to work on this release and there are many people who've
helped us out. 

This release is a lot of bugfixes, and integration and should be a drop
in replacement if you're using 1.6.2 currently, and highly recommended
as an upgrade.

For more information on specific changes, please take a look at the
change file: /watir/NEWCHANGES, I've put most of them in that file. 

Please post on the list with any problems or difficulties in installing
the latest gems. 



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