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(In reply to Jonas Ã…dahl from comment #10)
> [...]
> First thing I can think of is to move part of the maximize code behind a
> MetaWindowClass vfunc, as there are multiple things in
> meta_window_maximize() that is X11 only (such as unshading, and this
> defer-maximize thing).
> Another idea, is to get rid of that deferred-maximize thing all together. It
> seems to originate from 2003 with no explanation as to why, and I don't know
> how to trigger it either. When checking how it works with the panel-gtk test
> case under X11, window-props.c handles initial maximization in a different
> way. Given that meta_window_maximize() seems to be called mostly by
> interactive window management operations, the two places I think needs
> consideration are: meta_window_apply_session_info() (should probably set the
> defer-maximize variables, as done in window-props.c), and
> meta_window_x11_client_message().

I am not sure I follow, what is it you call "deferred-maximize", is it
maximize_horizontally_after_placement and maximize_vertically_after_placement?

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