--- Comment #15 from Jonas Ådahl <> ---
(In reply to Olivier Fourdan from comment #14)
> I think there is another thing to consider, if we remove the
> "maximize_*_after_placement" logic, the windows will most likely be
> misplaced when eventually they're de-maximized (as maximization is supposed
> to save the previous size/position so that de-maximizing a window restores
> the previous pre-maximization location and size on screen).

AFAICS, with force_place() before maximize() will end up not setting any old
rect. I think that also actually makes sense. We should probably not have
mutter pretend to know what to restore to, as in Wayland that is up to the
client. Initially we send 0x0, and I guess when restoring to something unknonw,
we should send 0x0 too.

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