--- Comment #16 from Olivier Fourdan <> ---
For the size, sure the client is in charge, but the location still needs to be
set/restored, and placement depends on the size.

BTW, I think there is more to it than just maximize_*_after_placement, if you
remove that from meta_window_maximize() (as a test), the initial map animation
still shows on the first monitor when the window is maximized on the second
monitor (which is this bug. different from bug 781353 even if related)

To reproduce:

1. MUTTER_DEBUG_NUM_DUMMY_MONITORS=2 jhbuild run mutter --wayland --nested
2. Place the mouse pointer on the (fake) screen on the right
3. Launch an application that starts maximized (e.g. totem if closed while

=> The inital map animation plays on the monitor on the left and the window
eventually shows on the monitor on the right (where the pointer is located, as
this makes the "current" monitor)

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