--- Comment #4 from Peter Hutterer <> ---
libinput converts the touches into relative motion, or taps, or scrolling, etc.
But libinput cannot *detect* the touches [1], that has to be done by the
firmware. The kernel sets BTN_TOOL_FINGER, BTN_TOOL_DOUBLETAP and
BTN_TOOL_TRIPLETAP together with the slot data (which is what we use where
available), so that's the easiest and quickest way to check if a finger is
detected at all.

Easiest way to verify if that is (part of) the issue is running evemu-record
|grep BTN_TOOL and checking that output while tapping. If you don't see
TRIPLETAP every time you three-finger tap, then that's the source of that.
Slower tapping can help, might be you're really too fast for the device to
detect contact.

Without that data, we can't do that much. So in this particular recording, the
only one we could fix in libinput is the one that's also detected as a palm,
but not the other two.

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