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(In reply to Peter Hutterer from comment #4)
> libinput converts the touches into relative motion, or taps, or scrolling,
> etc. But libinput cannot *detect* the touches [1], that has to be done by
> the firmware. The kernel sets BTN_TOOL_FINGER, BTN_TOOL_DOUBLETAP and
> BTN_TOOL_TRIPLETAP together with the slot data (which is what we use where
> available), so that's the easiest and quickest way to check if a finger is
> detected at all.

You probably wanted to add a link, but forgot :)

> Easiest way to verify if that is (part of) the issue is running evemu-record
> |grep BTN_TOOL and checking that output while tapping. If you don't see
> TRIPLETAP every time you three-finger tap, then that's the source of that.
> Slower tapping can help, might be you're really too fast for the device to
> detect contact.
> Without that data, we can't do that much. So in this particular recording,
> the only one we could fix in libinput is the one that's also detected as a
> palm, but not the other two.

Okay, thanks for the idea — when that gonna happen again, I'll try to check
what BTN_TOOL* events produced upon triple-tapping, perhaps is there some
pattern showing that something weird is going on. I shall note that triple-tap
for some reason stops working occasionally, and then usually it don't work for
a number of consequent triple-taps. Slowing down, holding fingers on the
touchpad, etc, doesn't help it.

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