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(In reply to Hi-Angel from comment #13)
> Np, I did the record with the option; will try the kernel boot option, but a
> bit later — I'm travelling, don't have ATM a live-usb/cd to boot from if I
> screw up something.

add it manually on boot instead of writing into the grub.cfg and the worst
thing that can happen is that you don't have a touchpad :)

>       event7  - tap state: TAP_STATE_IDLE → TAP_EVENT_TOUCH → TAP_STATE_TOUCH
>       event7  - tap state: TAP_STATE_TOUCH → TAP_EVENT_TOUCH → 
>       event7  - tap state: TAP_STATE_TOUCH_2 → TAP_EVENT_MOTION →
>       event7  - tap state: TAP_STATE_TOUCH_2_HOLD → TAP_EVENT_MOTION →

translation: idle to 'one finger down' to 'two fingers down' to 'motion
threshold exceeded'. if you have the git repo, there is a
touchpad-tap-state-machine.svg that illustrates all this. try not to scream
when you see it first ;)

>       event7  - tap state: TAP_STATE_TOUCH_2 → TAP_EVENT_MOTION →

same here - you're getting motion events when the second finger is down,
exceeding the internal thresholds and we go from tap to just 'two fingers
down'. note that the state machine is independent of everything else, so
tapping is in the 'two fingers down' state when e.g. you're two-finger

The 'button state' debug events are for the software button state, unrelated

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