--- Comment #40 from Peter Hutterer <> ---
I've reverted the patch upstream, (commit e8cb7e4) Unsure how it can affect
scrolling but at this point I'm so out of time for everything that I'll need
your/someone's help debugging this any further, sorry.

can we move this to a separate bug please? This one is too noisy to still
figure out what's going on. As a general tip - when you're working on libinput,
put printfs in everywhere and run either sudo ./build/libinput-debug-events
(commandline) or sudo ./build/libinput-debug-gui (a GUI). No need to install
and restart X just for basic testing.

If even the above makes no difference, it's likely that the model flag is never
applied, put a printf in for that in evdev.c. 

> I plan to understand the acceleration logic and change it somehow, so that 
> there must be a certain number of events before acceleration is applied, 
> similar to the idea in the code above.

That's an interesting idea. We previously had code that we required N events
for the pointer to start moving, but that didn't work well, too laggy. But not
having acceleration for the first N events could work (N <=2, I suspect...)

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