--- Comment #43 from Peter Hutterer <> ---
> This patch eliminates 80% of the jumps, but doesn't make it easier to adjust 
> to small objects.

Let's not mix issues because it gets too hard to track, this bug is already
quite noisy. Let's fix the jumps first, then you can file a new bug for the
movement-related issues.

Also note: we cannot fix everything in libinput because the device itself is
giving us garbage. We can detect and work around the real jumps, but if the
touchpad is only giving us a position update every 20 events, we cannot do

Your best option may actually be to lower the touchpad speed. This forces you
to move the finger faster for everything, thus making it less likely that you
get exposed to this particular bug.

You can try adding psmouse.synaptics_intertouch=1 to your kernel commandline at
boot, maybe that gets around the "companion not ready yet" issue. But I doubt
it, maybe your device just won't like RMI4.

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