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I installed again and can't replicate, but will monitor the next few days and
will let you know if it happens again.
It might be something related to my attempt to enable RMI4 which were reverted
after the restart.

This patch eliminates 80% of the jumps, but doesn't make it easier to adjust to
small objects.
Windows border grabbing for resizing and text selection is the hardest. 
Sometimes needing meditation to calm down after 20 attempts to grab a window
border :)

What happens now is that on small movements the mouse stops moving all together
and than if I continue moving my finger it will starts moving slowly after a
while, but it is unpredictable when it will start this slow motion so
essentially this makes it kind if difficult to predict and selecting or
adjusting to small objects is still hard. 

I would like to try your RMI4 suggestion if you have any other pointers how to

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