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> Helpful quick Q&A: http://channels.readthedocs.org/en/latest/inshort.html

I have looked over that and it's not very clear what goes where. [1] I'd be
inclined to understand that the process type "that handles HTTP and
WebSockets" would be some sort of specialized proxy service that does the
websocket routing, proxying plain requests to the worker (for the regular
views) and specific frontend protocol handling (upgrading to
http2.0/websockets or whatever).
It would be more clear if the docs would include some diagrams illustrating
data flow and how all the components connect together with what protocols.

Shouldn't the process type "that handles HTTP and WebSockets" have a more
specific term? It's a bit long to type.

Spec is up here: http://channels.readthedocs.org/en/latest/asgi.html

Is ASGI a wire protocol? I'd assume it is, if multiple processes
communicate to each other with this protocol, but the docs don't have any
details about the exact wire format.

Also, some comparison to existing solutions (like Meteor/SockJS/Crossbar
<http://crossbar.io/>/WAMP <http://wamp-proto.org/>) would help clearing
lots of questions.

​[1] Sorry if it sounds harsh, certainly not the intention. I'm just a bit

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