On Thu, 10 Mar 2016, Andrew Godwin wrote:

I think you're right, and I've just been stubbornly trying to use a dict as
it's slightly "nicer". I honestly considered making both sides dict and
cookies the separate thing as they're the only special case, but I suspect
that multiple headers are one of those things that might turn out to be
useful for some broken client/new feature someday.

It sounds like you consider multiple headers of the same name in
request and response as some kind of bug or fault. It's not it is
perfectly legit and something I want to be able to do in my webbby
frameworks. Vary is the main one.

I know that I can join on ',' in a single header when it is
represented in a dict but "meh".

I totally agree that dicts are much nicer to work with, so I'm not
sure what the ideal solution is, but I just wanted to raise that
point about multiple headers. As you were. Carry on. etc.

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