> I realise this may sound bikesheddy, but it would be really good to
> not call it ASGI. From your docs "
> Despite the name of the proposal, ASGI does not specify or design to
> any specific in-process async solution, such as asyncio, twisted, or
> gevent. Instead, the receive_many function can be switched between
> nonblocking or synchronous. This approach allows applications to
> choose what’s best for their current runtime environment; further
> improvements may provide extensions where cooperative versions of
> receive_many are provided."
> I'm worried that folk will assume a parallel between ASGI and asyncio,
> but there appears to be none... which is only a problem due to the
> room for confusion.

Better names are welcome, but I quite like ASGI's similarity to WSGI, and
the fact it's pronounceable as a single word. The "Asynchronous" part
covers the way the whole system operates; async is already an overloaded
term, and while there might be initial confusion, I think "async" also has
strong associations with the sort of problems ASGI solves (like
websockets), which I think is useful.

>  For consistency, why not a dict unicode -> List[bytes]

I personally think this is worse than a list of tuples (which you can at
least feed straight into dict()) - the only header that comes through as
multiple, ever, is Set-Cookie, after all.

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