On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 2:21:09 AM UTC-4, Meinolf wrote:
> What could be wrong with my code below?
> sim = db((db.rates.item_id==request.args(0)) & ~(db.rates.user_id==
> auth.user.id)).select(db.rates.clicks.max()).first().clicks

When you use db.rates.clicks.max(), the resulting key with which you must 
extract the returned values is not "clicks" but the SQL code generated by 
the .max() method. That is why the book recommends you store the Expression 
object returned by .max(), which can be used as the key:

max = db.rates.clicks.max()
sim = db((db.rates.item_id==request.args(0)) &

Alternatively, you could do:

sim = db((db.rates.item_id==request.args(0)) &

In this case, str(max) == 'MAX(rates.clicks)'. 


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