On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 12:20:48 PM UTC-4, Ty oc wrote:
> Well also now I got it (still not per app)... but the problem Im having is 
> that I want to return a *json*, but Im getting the full HTML response  
> with a body and all that. 
> If I use 
> error_handler = dict(application='backend',
>                      controller='error',
>                      function='report')
> Nothing changes. So I have setup

Yes, it seems the documentation is way off regarding error_handler. As far 
as I can tell, the only time that does anything is when you request a 
non-existent application, in which case, it does a full HTTP redirect to 
the application specified in error_handler, with the name of the originally 
requested application in request.args(0). Given its functionality, it would 
be better named something like missing_app_handler.


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