I asked basically the same question on StackOverflow
but have some more insight into my requirements.

I will be developing a website with a Postgres back-end. Locally, on
my laptop I will connect to Postgres with certain credentials and
remotely, only VPS I will connect to Postgres with different

Locally, I will run the rocket webserver for development then commit
my changes to git and push. Remotely, I will pull my changes via git
and run the Apache 2.2 webserver.

In both environments, I require the pyDAL.

My questions therefore are:
1 - How should I obtain web2py, given the download options?
2 - How should I obtain pyDAL once I have web2py
3 - How do I configure things so that local and remote development
connect using the right Postgres credentials for the environment that
I am in, preferably automatically by detecting my environment.
4 - How do I configure things so that locally I use the rocket
webserver and remotely I use Apache? I already know how to setup
Apache for web2py after reading the deployment chapter of the
book. And I have developed on the rocket webserver locally. It's just
a question of how do I switch between environments?

- http://web2py.com
- http://web2py.com/book (Documentation)
- http://github.com/web2py/web2py (Source code)
- https://code.google.com/p/web2py/issues/list (Report Issues)
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