This is not so much complex if you split it into 2 steps.

1) Be familiar with the welcome/ application - this is scaffold application 
in standard web2py distribution.

- Models are called always and create db (database object and sql database 
structures) + auth (authorization object) + menu.
- Controller is called based on url, example: app/default/index will call 
function index() in app/controllers/
- If controller will return dictionary {'key1': val1, 'key2': val2, ...} it 
is rendered on the server side with template (=view) like 
  {{=key1}} will output variable from controller somewhere into html.

app/controllers/ func user() + app/views/default/user.html is for 
authorizetion, login,..
app/controllers/appadmin is for view and manage database data (you can use 
some standard database manager instead)

2) Now you can see that in is almost nothing 
added. Just client side (javascript from static/js/) is made with vue.js.

So you should understand just this 1 
+ see the controller main() in (it gives no data at all to the 
template) and the template app/views/default/main.html

In html:
{{=....}} are included on server side by web2py
${...} are for client side, vue.js

Of course you can
- remove full text search whoosh to make things easier
- replace stupid.css with your own css or with bootstrap
- replace vue.js with react or something easier: preact or inferno

Dne středa 9. srpna 2017 4:24:18 UTC+2 黄祥 napsal(a):
> thanks for reference anthony, already seen and learned from web2py 
> scaffold (vue + whoosh) but for me, it's complex
> i want to learn it start from simple first, perhaps there is another 
> simple web2py app with whatever js framework (1 table with 1 field that 
> have CRUD operation or GRID is enough to know web2py job's part and js 
> framework jobs part)
> thanks and best regards,
> stifan

- (Documentation)
- (Source code)
- (Report Issues)
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