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Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
1) We will continue to accept only code that's licensed under a BSD-style (no advertising clause) license, or LGPL 2.1, or other compatible license. We don't want to accept code that's LGPL 3 only, as that would make the whole project LGPL 3.
As I understand it, yes (standard IANAL disclaimer here). I have no objects with this.
2) We'd like to change the copyright notices from their current mix of "LGPL 2 or any later version" and "LGPL 2.1 or any later version" to just LGPL 2.1, to make this clear. This one is maybe more debatable, so I'd like to know if anyone objects. It would prevent incorporating WebKit code into LGPL 3 projects, and would require sign-off from all copyright holders to ever change to a different LGPL version in the future (in case the FSF came out with a version 3.1 or 4 that solved some of the problems with v3).
I think sticking with "LGPL 2 or any later version" might be best for now. The reason I say this is it puts fewer limits on what GPL projects WebKit, or parts of WebKit (I suppose), can be incorporated into. Personally, I am not a big fan of (L)GPL v3 (although, I have not really followed it since the first draft), but I still think that it is good to be as less restrictive as possible, in certain senses.

-Donald Kirker
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