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> On Aug 15, 2012, at 2:29 PM, Elliott Sprehn <espr...@chromium.org> wrote:
> > WebKit is the only browser that implements the magic counter named
> "list-item" and we have no tests for it.
> Seems like we really ought to add some tests for it.
> > It's not useful since we don't support the ::marker pseudo element
> Maybe it can’t be used for its best and most obvious uses without
> ::marker, but it still work and can be used for some things. Here’s an
> example of it doing some good:
> <style> #list-count:before { counter-increment: list-item -1; content:
> counter(list-item); } </style>
> <ol>
>  <li>A</li>
>  <li>B</li>
>  <li>C</li>
> </ol>
> The list above has <span id="list-count"></span> items in it.
> I’m still OK with removing it if there is an argument that the current
> implementation does more harm than good.

I've scoured the web and can't find any reference to anyone using it,
mention of it's usage on any pages and no other browser supports it. In
terms of harm, it adds implementation complexity, especially when I want to
rewrite counters to be much simpler and faster.

I'd like to go ahead with the removal and then we can bring this back if
developers show interest. Does that sound reasonable?

- E
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