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> I've scoured the web and can't find any reference to anyone using it, mention 
> of it's usage on any pages and no other browser supports it.

How much more common is use of the rest of the counters specification? I 
understand that counters is still a leading-edge feature that isn’t likely to 
be used much on the real web yet.

The list-item counter is used in the very first example in the CSS Lists and 
Counters Module <http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-lists/>. I don’t understand why you 
are so eager to throw it under the bus.

> In terms of harm, it adds implementation complexity, especially when I want 
> to rewrite counters to be much simpler and faster.
> I'd like to go ahead with the removal and then we can bring this back if 
> developers show interest. Does that sound reasonable?

If you really want to remove it, and all the other browser vendors agree, maybe 
you can get it removed from the CSS working draft.

If someone showed up today saying they wanted to add it, I would support that, 
so I’m still not convinced that removing it is the way to go.

-- Darin
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