On 2013-08-21, at 11:11 PM, Carlos Garcia Campos <carlo...@webkit.org> wrote:

> I see, I thought ChangeLog parser was used everywhere. So, I guess the
> solution would be to find a format most people like and adapt all
> scripts to it. I personally think it's not worth it, though. The oneline
> git log format is ok with the old commit message format IMO. If the only
> problem is that the bug number is not in the first line we can probably
> add it without adding the URL in angle brackets, something like:
> Bug 119872 - REGRESSION: Crash under JITCompiler::link while loading Gmail
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=119872

What benefit does duplicating the bug number in the first line provide? It’s 
just yet another thing to have to add when writing the ChangeLog entry.

- Mark

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