Dear all. Might not the best place  -here-  to describe my issue [Win32],
but I don't know where exactly this shall be submitted, as a novice by
WebKit. To recap, I managed to compile <WebKit-r156532> sources by
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using CoreGraphics (ie without Cairo) in Debug
mode. To activate WebGL, additionally, I have set:

*#define ENABLE_WEBGL 1
**#define WTF_USE_3D_GRAPHICS 1
**#define WTF_USE_OPENGL 1
**#define WTF_USE_OPENGL_ES_2 1
**#define WTF_USE_EGL 1

I hope/guess this is the right approach => could anyone confirm ? Then LINK
turns out to be "fortunate", by adding these libraries : translator_common.lib;
libEGL.lib; libGLESv2.lib; preprocessor.lib; translator_glsl.lib;
translator_hlsl.lib to WebKit sub-project.

However, execution fails by Indeed, HTML content
pretends :
*Your browser supports WebGL*
However: a blank area is displayed in place of expected movic 3D based

Apologize in case this concern forsooth comes to break any rule by , due to Windows matters...
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