Hi folks.

There is a lot of WebKit code that needs to be on for “the Mac and iOS ports”. 
Some of it is guarded be conditionals with a higher level concept. But most of 
it, now this is guarded by PLATFORM(MAC). I think that’s really confusing and 
we need to rename PLATFORM(MAC) to something else. Perhaps PLATFORM(COCOA)? Or 

Then we can use PLATFORM(MAC) for “the Mac port” rather than PLATFORM(MAC) && 

Later we can start renaming file names as well, but for now I just want to fix 
the conditionals to be more readable. And of course, it’s even better in cases 
where we can move away from platform conditionals to more logical conditionals 
such as USE(CF) or USE(APPKIT).

So, is PLATFORM(COCOA) an acceptable new name for what is currently named 
PLATFORM(MAC)? If not, what’s a better choice?

Lets do this soon. It’s hard for me to remember that in WebKit, PLATFORM(MAC) 
means “the Mac and iOS ports”.

— Darin
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