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> Ideally it should be USE(THE_SPECIFIC_FRAMEWORK_IN_QUESTION). I would guess 
> that much of PLATFORM(MAC) that is valid for both Mac and iOS should actually 
> be USE(FOUNDATION). PLATFORM really shouldn't be used for things other than 
> terminal platform names. USE(COCOA) would be an ok stopgap if sorting down to 
> more specific conditionals delays this cleanup too much.

Sorting down to specific conditionals will definitely delay the cleanup too 

Thinking about USE(FOUNDATION) and looking at code it’s clear that the Mac and 
iOS ports have a lot more in common than Foundation. I saw that looking at 
PLATFORM(MAC) code snippets.

But as long as we’re going to have something incorrect as a first 
approximation, I don’t think that incorrect uses of USE(FOUNDATION) are 
significantly worse than incorrect uses of USE(COCOA). If long term there is 
not supposed to be such a thing as USE(COCOA), then I would hate to add it and 
then have to remove it later.

It remains clear to me that a valuable and quick first step is to mechanically 
change PLATFORM(MAC) to BAR, and I am OK with BAR being USE(FOUNDATION), 

I am sure there is a lot of easy refinement we can do immediately after. For 
example, we can change BAR && !PLATFORM(IOS) back to PLATFORM(MAC), if we can’t 
find an even better conditional. Maybe our first step can even be clever and 
not ever change such things to BAR, as suggested by Dan.

I’d like to play the numbers game, so if our best guess is that most 
PLATFORM(MAC) should be USE(FOUNDATION), I would choose that for BAR.

— Darin
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