On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 12:10 PM, Chris Dumez <cdu...@apple.com> wrote:

> I worry about adopting unity build because while it makes clean builds
> faster, it also slows down incremental builds. As a developer, I rarely do
> clean builds, I mostly do incremental builds so this would likely make my
> experience worse?
> Unity builds also require a lot of code churn to resolve naming conflicts
> and the resulting code does not look as nice.

Just to add a data point, the full build time is currently a bit of a
barrier to contributing to the project casually.  If I decided to try to
work on webkit one night I often ended up updating my tree and building,
but not having time for much else.  Even for simple patches this became a
problem for me.  If unified builds cut the full build time by 75% that
could be quite helpful for casual contributors.
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