Hi Everyone,

I am happy to announce another EWS feature.

>From now on, in case of build failure, EWS will parse the errors and display 
>them in a separate 'errors' log. You wouldn't have to search through thousands 
>of lines of logs to find the error message.

For example, in https://ews-build.webkit.org/#/builders/16/builds/6054, in step 
#7 WebKit failed to compile. Complete logs (stdio) are 38,000+ lines, and the 
error is not at the end of the logs. Normally, it requires some searching 
through the logs to find the relevant errors. But now, there is another 
'errors' log, which contains just the relevant 11 lines (containing error and 
few related lines to provide additional context).

Hopefully this would save some time and efforts previously spent on searching 
through the large logs.

Note that this information is not displayed in status-bubble tool-tip, since 
this might be lot of text to display in the tooltip. My further plan is to make 
this information more readily available, by adding it to a custom designed page 
which will open on clicking the status bubble https://webkit.org/b/197522

Please let me know if you notice any issues or have any feedback.


Reference: https://webkit.org/b/203418
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