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>> There hasn’t been any feedback on this, so below is a proposed change (in 
>> PrettyPatch HTML format) to <https://webkit.org/project/ 
>> <https://webkit.org/project/>>.
>> In addition to adding Privacy as a goal, I also added Battery Life, and 
>> tweaked a few of the existing goals.
>> Thoughts?
>> project-new.html
>>  32<h4><a name="privacy"></a>Privacy</h4>
>>  33<p>Users want their privacy respected. We avoid directly violating the 
>> user's privacy, and strive to prevent websites and other parties from doing 
>> so.</p>
> The term “directly violating” sounds a little soft. Do we not care about 
> indirect privacy violations?

My intent was to express that the browser engine itself will not spy on you, in 
addition to our measures to prevent websites from doing so. I’m not sure what 
you think would count as indirectly violating the users privacy which would not 
be websites or other parties violating the user’s privacy, but I’ll try to 
reword it.

> I don’t know the right wording to use, but I would like to say something 
> along the lines of:
> “Users want their privacy respected. We avoid violating the user’s privacy, 
> and strive to prevent websites and other parties form doing so, too. We view 
> the UserAgent’s primary responsibility to be protecting the interests of the 
> user. We therefore do not support or intend to implement web standards that 
> are at odds with these goals, or that create mechanisms to fingerprint or 
> otherwise monitor user behavior.”

This seems unnecessarily combative. Also perhaps not entirely true. There’s 
lots of fingerprinting surface in the web platform, and we have not removed all 
of it.

I’ll make an attempt to write this more clearly.

 - Maciej

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