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> Where can I find the Silverstripe demo?

The demo is at http://pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780/ - also the
following subsites:
http://sandbox.pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780/ (public playground)
http://silverbox.pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780/ (staging area of PrOOo-Box folks)
http://de.pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780/ (testing area for german-lang project)

As it is running in a VM, and those are not real dns-entries, to
access those you have to add them to your /etc/hosts: silverbox.pumbaa.ooodev.org sandbox.pumbaa.ooodev.org de.pumbaa.ooodev.org

For the sandbox site, the following users were setup:
sandbox-author, sandbox-publisher, sandbox-admin (foo-bar has password bar-foo)

To login, use http://sandbox.pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780/admin

The sandbox-admin user might access
http://sandbox.pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780/member-requests - that basically
the only thing that distinguishes the user from the publisher

Users would register via
http://pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780/ForumMemberProfile/register (or a
similar page)

I better mention it again: to access sandbox.pumbaa.ooodev.org:7780
you need to have it added to your /etc/hosts (or whatever file your
Operating system uses - refer to
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_file ), as those are no real


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