I arrived from Red Hat product evaluation requests page [1] to
getfedora.org (you are directed to Fedora page [2] if you are an
individual developer or entrepreneur), and under "Workstation" there's
a description as follows:

> Fedora Workstation is a reliable, user-friendly, and powerful operating 
> system for your laptop or desktop computer.

Which is inaccurate. Fedora does not come near RHEL when it comes to
reliability. Hear me out: you can use RHEL for a decade and it will be
supported, so you can forget about system upgrades and do your job.
Fedora is EOL in several months and requires skill and hassle to keep
up with the release schedule and receive patches and updates. It
provides limited hardware support to the technologies bundled.

I suggest that the word "reliable" is replaced with "innovative",
"ever-evolving" or "rapidly developed", because it is misleading

[1] https://www.redhat.com/wapps/eval/index.html?evaluation_id=1023
[2] https://getfedora.org

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