Il giorno gio, 01/12/2016 alle 12.18 +0100, Misha S. ha scritto:
> Hello,
Hello Misha, 

> > 
> > Fedora Workstation is a reliable, user-friendly, and powerful
> > operating system for your laptop or desktop computer.
> Which is inaccurate. Fedora does not come near RHEL when it comes to
> reliability. Hear me out: you can use RHEL for a decade and it will
> be
> supported, so you can forget about system upgrades and do your job.
> Fedora is EOL in several months and requires skill and hassle to keep
> up with the release schedule and receive patches and updates. It
> provides limited hardware support to the technologies bundled.
> I suggest that the word "reliable" is replaced with "innovative",
> "ever-evolving" or "rapidly developed", because it is misleading
> otherwise.

only a question about your suggestion; why do you think that
"innovative" "ever-evolving" etc. don't match the "reliable" word?

IMO things can be innovative and reliable at the same time, no
misleading about this.

Thanks for the feedback.


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