Hi All,

I have been tinkering to create an extension to integrate to OpsGenie, a cloud 
based alerting engine. See https://www.opsgenie.com.

What does the extension do?

1. Send Heartbeats to OpsGenie. So if weewx goes down for some reason, or hangs 
in a driver, you get an alert from OpsGenie once the Heartbeat times out. 
Default is to send Heartbeats every 5 min. (I also send Heartbeats from my web 
server as well, so I know all parts of my Weewx install are up and alive)

2. Send alerts to OpsGenie based on custom expressions. My use case is to get 
an alert to the Mrs as soon as it starts raining - and yes, since I now use a 
local radar based rain sensor 
 this is as soon as it starts raining as I have the rain output coming into 
Weewx via a frequency input of the data logger (no waiting for a bucket tip).

The extension zip package is at 

The code can be found at 
https://github.com/dcapslock/weewx/tree/master/extensions/opsgenie where you 
can view the read me. The extension is a specialisation of the core RESTful 

IMPORTANT: If you wish to give it a go you need the latest restx.py which was 
committed today. This is why I am sharing just in development group for now.

Some questions: 

1. Does the extension cut the mustard as far as installer etc.?

2. Where to commit this code. Leave it in my own fork or can we commit back to 
master weewx as an extension?

3. If an extension needs master weewx code to be patched, what is the best way 
to do? Include a patch in the extension installer, assuming it will be updated 
by a future update as well?



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