On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 5:07:03 AM UTC-4, Darryn Capes-Davis 
> IMPORTANT: If you wish to give it a go you need the latest restx.py which 
> was committed today. This is why I am sharing just in development group for 
> now.
> Some questions: 
> 1. Does the extension cut the mustard as far as installer etc.?
> 2. Where to commit this code. Leave it in my own fork or can we commit 
> back to master weewx as an extension?
> 3. If an extension needs master weewx code to be patched, what is the best 
> way to do? Include a patch in the extension installer, assuming it will be 
> updated by a future update as well?


you do not need to distribute weewx source code with your extension.  in 
this case, the only thing you need to publish is the opsgenie folder.  i 
typically publish each extension as a separate git repository, prefixed 
with 'weewx-'.  so in this case you could do it as the repository 

if your extension requires specific features/function in weewx, then test 
for it.  the most generic approach is to use a version check in the 
extension itself.  almost every extension listed in the weewx wiki does 
this.  see the check for weewx.__version__ and 'UnsupportedFeature' 
exception near the top of the code.

in install.py, is there some reason that you defined the 'config' as both a 
dict and configobj?  is there a reason that you did not simply specify it 
all inline?

the best answer to your "does it cut the mustard" is to try it.  can you 
install your extension on a weewx installation using wee_extension?


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