I think the fact that weewx can't keep up in time to handle the 1-minute 
archive data is the reason that the memory is filled.. 
Each archive record contains 90 real values (doubles) and these values are 
stored in memory (I suppose) as long as they are not written to the 
One hour before the low-memory crash weewx was 90 1-minute archive records 


On Thursday, 26 March 2020 00:03:52 UTC-3, Vince Skahan wrote:
> On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 12:06:30 PM UTC-7, Lucas Heijst wrote:
>> Not sure. See the attached cpu data graph.
>> The empty parts in the graph are a result of the linux system looping 
>> (see: crash log)
> The log showed the oom_killer which is more likely your problem.   You 
> must have a memory leak somewhere.
> I'd probably suggest the usual steps.  Run just the simulator and verify 
> weewx is ok.  Then add things one by one and try to see which one is the 
> culprit.
> You can grab my 'mem' extension from 
> if you need a 
> lightweight thing to watch weewx memory usage.  It's a bit lighter weight 
> than cmon/pmon/etc. I think.

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