I'm running weewx 3.5.0 on a Raspberry Pi with a WEA22 (an FO W1080 type) 
directly from the RPi's USB.

I'd like to change the reporting interval - currently each 2 minutes, so I 
started digging around.

Other than the skin/tmpl files, most things are set to installation 
defaults. The first thing I noticed was I was getting, in syslog ...

engine: The archive interval in the configuration file (300) does not match 
the station hardware interval (120).

... I had record_generation = hardware, so I changed this to "= software"

... restarted weewx (even rebooted the RPi) but I'm still getting the 
syslog message and reports are still generated each 2 minutes.

Any ideas?

Thanks ....

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