On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 12:38:38 PM UTC-7, Macha wrote:
> I don't understand it though. Surely the timings of records stored in the 
> station console, the "rate" of saving to the database and the frequency of 
> reporting are independent?
Think not - if you look for 'interval' in 
http://www.weewx.com/docs/usersguide.htm you'll see every kind of station 
seems to work differently.  Posting to upstream places like PWS or WOW or 
CWOP or WU has timings that reflect how frequently those providers want you 
to post.  Generating the html+images takes time that varies a lot based on 
the weewx computer you're running.   Saving very very often to the DB has 
compute+disk costs. Probably many many more reasons.

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