first of all, this is not a case of fine offset usb lockup.  the station is 
responding, but its memory is corrupt.

the first stack trace is happening after weewx has been reading data for 
awhile.  a pointer of 0x0000 is bogus - there is no usable data at that 
address in the station memory.  then there appears to be usb communication 
failure, so the driver raises a WeeWxIO exception.

the second stack trace is happening when weewx is starting up.  the bad 
magic number shows that the firmware has not initialized itself properly.  
the series of unstable reads shows that the firmware is having problems 
communicating over usb.  the actual failure is that the driver cannot read 
the archive interval from the station.  weewx *should* raise an exception 
when reading the archive interval fails, but for some reason it is getting 
a value for None.  this is the behavior that is a bug, and it has been 
fixed at commit c641804.

i've seen this behavior occasionally - maybe once per year, if that.  i saw 
it more often on a ws2080 just before its pressure sensor failed and the 
entire console became unusable.

if it is happening often, then this weather station may be broken or 
defective.  you really should return it to the manufacturer for a 


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