Thanks for replying.

I've had this station for about 3 years and this behaviour has been there 
from day 1.

I think I've pretty much exhausted all possibilities actually. In the early 
days I tried a powered USB hub - no joy.

I've now got this RPi in a stack with two others - fed with a bomb-proof 5V 
supply. I've looked at the supply line with both a digital VM and a 'scope 
for each RPi. Volts are dead on 5-and-a-bit after the polyfuse and ripple 
is very low.

So, I guess it's down to "life's rich tapestry" and a quirk of this 
particular station. In fact it's not too troublesome, booting a couple of 
times a week is no big deal, esp. as I store the root filesystem for this 
Rpi on my NFS, so it doesn't even stress the SD card too much ....

A final thought. I would tend to suspect the RPi as the culprit and not the 
console as the problem goes away (for a while) after a reboot. I've 
sometimes wondered if it's something to do with some weird interaction 
between USB and Ethernet on the RPi as they share the same hardware and 
both are pretty busy (however, it also happened before I migrated to an NFS 
file system, so maybe not).


On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 2:26:28 PM UTC+2, mwall wrote:
> On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 5:24:47 AM UTC-4, Macha wrote:
>> I have a W1080-type station (actually marked "WEA22") connected to a RPi 
>> V2. The station console is connected directly to the RPi's USB, together 
>> with 2 webcams.
> this is probably your problem.
> use a powered usb hub for the station and see if that makes your failures 
> go away.
> the fine offset stations are *very* sensitive to usb power, and the rpi is 
> not very good at providing stable usb power.
> m 

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